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     Happy with the exceptional cleaning quality.
Victoria Hollins20/06/2024
     Quite content with the cleanliness achieved.
Winston Pope20/06/2024
     Dependably great. Very pleased with the cleaning services provided by Carpet Cleaner Old Malden.
     Top-notch communication to resolve a problem. Always respectful and supportive. True to their word and capable cleaners are sent.
Ally R31/05/2024
     We highly recommend Old Malden Carpet Cleaners for anyone looking for a trustworthy and efficient cleaning company.
Jim K.17/05/2024
     The administration department's thorough screening process ensured that each candidate presented to us was qualified and suitable for our organization.
Amy O'Donnell29/04/2024
     Thanks to Old Malden Carpet Cleaners's exceptional deep cleaning service, my home has never looked better - amazing job after trying them out on Monday!
Jane W.11/04/2024
     The attention to detail in maintaining the flat's appearance is commendable and I have full confidence in their ability to help us retrieve our deposit effortlessly.
Diana M.30/03/2024
     Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how impressed I was by the top-notch cleaning job you did on my house yesterday - it was immaculate!
D. Street20/03/2024
     The house was absolutely flawless, every detail had been tended to with care. It's definitely worth booking again and recommending its impeccable cleanliness.
Sarah B.26/01/2024
     I always appreciate Old Malden Carpet Cleaners's efficient response and attentive follow-up in all aspects of their cleaning services.
Boris E.15/01/2024
     These cleaners certainly know their stuff - the office had never looked so good once they had finished with it! Professional, cheerful and meticulous - an exemplary job well done indeed!
Mike T.25/10/2023
     With confidence in Carpet Cleaner Old Malden, I knew I'd get the results I wanted; their team was keen for a chance to prove themselves too. Assurances were given prior to getting started and these were kept when providing exceptional service on that day.
Greta S.15/05/2023
     I was quite surprised at how cheap their rates were. Every other cleaning service I called was a bit pricey. The cleaning crew was terrific, they got my flat cleaner than it's ever been.
Priscilla M. 21/05/2020
     The cleaners were exceptional. All of my expectations were met to the latter. We have already booked the next cleaning after the end of the year party.
     Life is much more convenient when you can work with a professional company such as Old Malden Cleaning Services. They provide reliable cleaning services at low costs and are timely as well.
E. Caddy01/06/2017
     The best company you could hire for end of tenancy cleaning! Thanks, Old Malden Cleaning Services, for helping me at such a trying time!
Daryl Everett31/05/2016
     I was over the moon with Carpet Cleaner Old Malden who cleaned the upholstery in my home. I had done some renovating and the dust had gotten into the seat covers and cushions and they looked drab. Hiring this company was such a help, and their cleaners soon got rid of the dust and grime and the upholstery looked amazing and smelt so fresh. It saved me from having to buy new furniture! They also explained how dust mites could breed in these items, so I will certainly use the service again as it gets rid of allergens which don't help my son's asthma!
     My cat has a nasty habit of bringing all his muddy little paws into the front room. I have even tried with mats, nothing works. Hiring cleaners from Old Malden Cleaning Services to help me keep my place clean when this happens is invaluable! Thank you so much.
Fred J.01/12/2015
     A reliable cleaning company is hard to come by. Everybody's home gets a little messy sometimes, and it can be hard to keep up with the cleaning. The services offered by OldMaldenCarpetCleaners are flexible and affordable. They are a great choice for somebody looking for a little extra cleaning assistance during the holidays, or during spring-time. They provide great service packages that make saving money easy. I have used them on a number of occasions and I am consistently impressed with their service. I recommend them highly. Thanks for offering such convenient and affordable services!
Charles U.18/02/2014